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We collaborate with our clients, leveraging technology, design and data science to advance strategies and vision.

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Media Trendz was inspired by the deep passion to serve our clients. Because of this passion, Media Trendz has created different arms of the organization to fully cater to our clients. We understand the needs of every business is unique and different. This led to the creation of MTSMB, which is Media Trendz's branch servicing small to midsize business. MTP was created to service large companies.

Media Trendz is truly a full service agency. Our offerings are designed to leverage clients businesses and brands. Our specialized services include:

User Experience Creative Strategy Strategic Planning
Mobile Roadmapping Information Architecture Rapid Prototyping
Research and Innovation Usability Testing Technical Audit
Marketplace Deployment Mobile Engineering Application and Web Development
Design Agile Engineering Creative Copywriting
Re-Organize Process Optimization & Streamlining Business Management
Marketing & Distribution Communication & PR Media Buying & Event Sponsorship
Responsive Web Quality Assurance Testing Product Development
Big Data & Advanced Analytics Communication & PR Digital Alignment Strategy
Brand Loyalty Platforms Brand Management Omni-Channel Strategy

Our Expertise

Social Media

Our distinguished social media practitioners have world-class capabilities and experience, delivering a sustained, integrated, managed, measurable ecosystem that is guided by our clients’ commercial requirements and new opportunities.

Media Trendz’s social media team has a unique leadership position that provides our clients with unrivalled competitive advantage, helping them to successfully navigate multiple regions, platforms and channels to deliver seamless solutions.

Data Science

Media Trendz’s Data Science team is recognised as one of the world’s foremost groups, delivering highly sophisticated solutions to complex and challenging client requirements.

Many organisations – leaders in their respective industries – entrust their Data Science work to our team. Our use of advanced algorithms, analytics, knowledge of cutting-edge software and technologies is unrivalled. Media Trendz's high-caliber Data Scientists are distinguished by their exceptional professional judgment, diversity of experience across categories and a proven track record of innovation.

Transformation & Commerce

Our clients repeatedly tell us that Media Trendz's commitment to meaningful, strategic innovation is one of the characteristics that differentiates our firm. We accelerate our client’s innovation advantage through an entrepreneurial mindset.

Combining the speed, agility, perspective and creativity of a start-up with best practice delivery capability, we help our clients to unlock new revenue streams and increase their relevance for a new generation of customers. The core philosophy and foundation of Media Trendz's commerce work is that it should deliver industry leadership for clients.


We can be strategic.
We can be tactical.

Let's collaborate and develop creative solutions! Together we can leverage key resources to deliver innovative mobile and web applications.


  • Validate the application concept
  • Profile the target demographic
  • Estimate the effort required


  • Design and develop the application
  • Optimize the user experience
  • Put analytics in place


  • Establish Brand
  • Plan user acquisition
  • Model opportunities for monetization

Media Trendz Affiliate Network
Be apart of the MTAN to add high-quality, muliti-channel Ad revenue generation to already existing mobile and web e-commerce platforms. Increase ROI and reduce risk by utilizing the MTAN partner network. Network members have access to premium inventory across many market verticals.
Mobile White Label Partnerships
Join Media Trendz groundbreaking intiative of delivering premium mobile products as white label offerings. Strategic and tactical partnerships enable Media Trendz to provide advanced white-labelled solutions to both client and partners, offering mutually aligned incentives.

Who We Are

Media Trendz is a leading business solutions company, offering an array of professional services including marketing consultancy, brand management, enterprise security and application development. Starting in 2000, Media Trendz has quickly grown to a leading firm in professional services helping clients become successful businesses, governments and organizations . By bringing a diverse range of insightful thinkers and leading technologist, Media Trendz offers business solutions with unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions.

With offices in Toronto, San Francisco, London and Dubai, Media Trendz is strategically positioned to offer complete services throughout the globe.

Join Us!



We're looking for a commitment to our founding values of Innovation, Service, Quality and Thought.

Presently we have openings for:

Interhships Interhships

We are delighted to welcome interns to Media Trendz Inc. We look for enthusiasm, creativity, conscientiousness and a strong work ethic.

In return, you'll have the opportunity to build your experience and learn from our world-class team.

Please send your resume and cover letter to careers@mediatrendz.com.

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